Christmas Baking

I love December! It is always a very busy month. This year, I still have everything going on in my normal schedule, and school doesn’t end till the 21st… but there are all kinds of Christmas festivities that I am making time for! Christmas shopping, present wrapping, plays, performances, etc. And this year, I intend to add one more thing to the mix. As I’ve been getting into baking and cooking, I am feeling a compelling need to bake and experiment with Christmas treats, and give them to family and friends. I’ve decided on a few recipes I’m going to try!

This first recipe is from Food and Wine and I love the fact that it is so simple yet so cute and Christmas feeling with the crushed peppermint. kjfytutfygf.png

These Chocolate Peppermint cookies are a recipe by Life made Sweet. They are seriously lovely looking with the chocolate and white chocolate contrast, topped with the peppermint.

This cookie recipe is from Spinkle Bakes, and I am excited to test out the bright Christmas colors in these cookies. I also bought some cute Christmas sprinkles for mine. 🙂 style soft sugar cookies 3.jpg

So we’ll see how these end up turning out! I will definitely post some pictures when I make them. I bought all my ingredients today so I’m ready to start when I have my next block of free time.


Happy Holidays!

Stay Empowered.


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